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Famous dogs with names "P" through "T"

NFC Patricia v Frulord

NFC Paygon's Radbach Angus

FC Pentre Bach Dolly

Peron v Enzstrand (imp)

NFC PJ Wildfire

NFC PJ Wildfire #2

FC Radbach's Bimbo

FC Radbach's Countess Heide

DC Ricki Radbach v Greif

NFC Rip Traf v Bess

FC Saint's Revenge

DC Shillrest's Impressive

NFC Shilo v Hessenwald

Snip's Chick v Wildburg

Spade Gypsy vd Wildburg

FC Spade v Esser Warren

FC Sprengstoff Lisel

Ch Stauss's Happy Go Lucky

FC Teacreek's Afternoon Delight

FC Tell (imp)

FC Teton's Ace v Shilo

NFC Thalberg's Seagraves Chayne

FC Thrasher's Ammertal Zack

DC Timberdoodle Lancer's Answer

FC Timberland's Blue Dawn

DC Tip Top Timber

DC Treff Marimax vd Wildburg

FC Tuckahoe's Bad John