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Our Vision for Breeding  German Shorthairs

We are committed to producing fine personal gun dogs that are also great personal companion animals.  These are not mutually exclusive traits. A German Shorthair should be calm in and around the house displaying a natural affinity with and affection for humans. Yet this same dog should have an intense desire to find game in the field.

The discriminating foot hunter deserves to have a dog that hunts for him rather than a dog he has to hunt for. A German Shorthaired Pointer should be finely tuned to his handler in a manner which makes it clear that teamwork is as important to the dog as it is to the handler. These inherited traits result in a dog that handles for the gun. 

The German Shorthaired Pointer should naturally point, back and retrieve at an early age without the need for professional training.  However, if the owner would desire to have a fully finished competition dog his German Shorthair should be able to take the rigorous training required without loosing its desire or style.  When finished the dog should clearly display its abilities to the appreciation of others, including judges.

Our dogs are rigorously hunted and proven on wild birds in the fields of the Great Plains as well as tested in AKC Hunt Tests. We are committed to improving the field performance of our dogs without sacrificing anything in proper confirmation. The discriminating foot hunter, who expects to hunt behind his dog for at least a decade, deserves to have a dog he can be proud of and one he enjoys watching move in the field.

To maintain the reproducibility of our line of German Shorthairs, we linebreed using time tested breeding patterns.   We have created a solid motherline and are committed to preserving it. Our very best pups are placed in approved homes where their abilities will not only be appreciated but tested and where they will be available to contribute to our breeding program in the future.

Bird hunting has been a life long passion and is the sole driving force behind our breeding program. We never breed a litter of pups from which we would not keep one for our personal gun dog. It is very gratifying to have so many bird hunters interested in owning one of our German Shorthaired Pointers.

If your goals and philosophy match ours you are welcome to contact us. Who knows maybe you will even join the growing family of satisfied Westwind GSP owners. If not, lets at least talk dogs.    
- Gary Hutchison

- all rights reserved -

Years of great hunting follow years of careful breeding!

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