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WESTWIND GSPs ...    as featured in Gun Dog Magazine..

... the home of AKC Master Hunters 

Jacob vd Westwind
Doc vd Westwind
Trekker v Grunbaum
Snip's Ticked Off
Quincy vd Westwind
Shooting Starr Sharp Shooter
Stiger vd Westwind

- Presents Stud Dogs for Your Consideration -

We are often asked about potential stud dogs in this line

We have produced several proven stud dogs
and frozen semen on other producing studs in this line

Others also own stud dogs that deserve your consideration

At left is a partial list of stud dogs whose genetic makeup could benefit those interested in this line

We have included a contact person for each stud dog

Over the years we have bred to some great dogs in this line
and wish you good fortune in your search for the right stud dog

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Good Hunting!