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Keep Your Dog In Top Condition:

SynoviCre 600mg 90 Ct Bottle Denosyl 225 Mg 30 Ct For Dogs Over 25 Lbs

The secret is out!  For the past decade or two Professional Trainers of both Race Horses and Greyhounds used Creatine and Glucosamine to give their animals an advantage.  The combination of these two ingredients enables an animal that is being trained to actually build muscle mass and lessens the effects of joint and connective tissue injuries. This is the only product we are aware of that has both these active ingredients in one easy to administer chewable liver flavored table.  To keep weight on your bird dog during season give this product a try.

For That Old Friend! When a bird dog ages they will often loose full liver functioning.  Exact causes can often be very difficult and expensive to diagnosis. This product can bring back stronger liver function without the need for expensive testing.  We have used it on a couple of old dogs with good results - one bitch hunted at 15. If you want to put some spring back in the step of that older dog and even get a year or two more hunting out of your trusted companion try this little known product.

Prozyme 454 Gram Bottle  Acidophilus Plus Vitamins 60 Tab Bottle

All packaged dog foods are processed at temperatures too high to allow natural occurring enzymes to survive during its manufacture.  Enzymes naturally occur on the foods a dog would eat in nature and are indispensable to digestion.  We get enzymes from the raw food we eat but our dogs get few if any enzymes from the foods we feed them.  Think about it ... how much of our diet can be stored at warehouse temperatures for months and not spoil? 

When we do anything to upset a dogs natural digestive processes like worm it or use antibiotics we also kill its natural gut bacteria.  Over the years we have found that adding good bacteria to our dogs diet works well to jump start their dog's natural gut bacteria after disturbing it.  This product makes it much easier to to give your bird dog probiotics than some of the products that must be refrigerated.

Bird Dog Wormers that Work:

Panacur Powerpac Equine Dewormer 5- Tubes Ivomec Injection 1% 50ml Bottle

The best known and the most widely used cure for most of the intestinal worms a working dog is exposed to.  When you get it from your vet it is expensive and difficult to use.  Simply give 1/3 of 1 tube 3 days in a row in the back of the throat when food isn't present on your dog's stomach.  Treat your dog once a month to keep its intestines free of intestinal worms during hunting season with no down time.

We have used this product for nearly 30 years with great results.  It is a superior heartworm preventative that also inhibits the reproductive cycle of intestinal worms and bots in the blood stream.  We give 1/2 a cc per 50 lbs orally in the back of the throat once a month and refrigerate the bottle.  If you want to simplify your worming program use this regimen. 

Flea and Tick Products For Bird Hunters:

 Frontline 3pk Large 45-88 Lbs Frontline Spray 250ml Bottle

For years this has been our choice when running dogs in tick infested areas.  You should know by now the risk that lyme disease presents to both you and your dogs.  If you are even slightly concerned use this great product for your dogs.

If you run field dog in a place that is particularly infested with ticks you need to take special precautions.  We have found this works better than sprays. Use it on the cuff of our pants.  Give yourself tick protection.

Paramite Dip 4oz Bottle Virbac Yard Spray Concentrate 16 Oz

This is no sissy product. It is by far the best dip available for field dogs and the people who love them.  Be sure to follow the instructions closely when you use it and do NOT let it get on your skin and if you do be sure to shower right after using.  Also do not use this product on small puppies as it will cause them serious skin issues. But it WORKS!

Many of the reliable insecticide sprays of old have been removed from the market in recent years.  If you are of the opinion that it is important to protect yourself, your yard and therefore your dog from the threats of the serious diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes you might want to give this a try. 

Bird Dog General Health Products:

Osteoform Supplement 50ct Bottle GrassSaver 250Ct Tablets

Simply the best supplement available for puppies, pregnant and lactating bitches.  We have been using this product with great results for more than two decades and highly recommend it.

If you find that when you let your inside dog out to relieve itself that it always goes to the same spot killing your grass where it urinates try this product it works great for bitches.

Vet Solutions Ear Cleansing Solution 16 Oz Nolvasan Skin & Wound Cleanser 4oz Bottle

Most ear problems encountered by working dogs are not caused by mites but rather by fungus.  Unfortunately most ear medications available are formulated for mites and actually make fungus problems worse.  If your dog has smelly or troublesome ears give this a try especially if you live in a humid climate.

Is easily carried in our first aid kit for dogs (and people) that goes with us to the field.  If a dog gets a minor cut you can wash it out and know that a protective barrier is left behind under the wound dressing.  It is a simple solution and is always ready to use in an emergency in the field.

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